Hi! What’s going on in the D today?

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Check out and get tickets to these great shows coming up in the D!



Events at the DSO

Events at the Music Hall/Jazz Cafe

Events at Wayne State’s Hilberry and Bonstelle Theatres

Have you ever gone downtown for a concert at a smaller, more-intimate venue, and wondered why there was sooooo much traffic on a Wednesday?  Only to find out that there was a grand-opening with a gathering at Campus Martius, another (HUGE) concert, AND a Tigers game going on at the same time?  Or, have you ever spent the day just lounging around, thinking there was nothing to do – only to find out a day later that there was a jazz festival you’d been dying to check out – and now you missed it?  Are you in town on business for the day or weekend – or maybe you just can’t plan things too far in advance because of your job, etc. – and interested in seeing what events are taking place TODAY that you might want to check out and get last-minute tickets for?


There are other resources out there, but who is going to remember about a music festival they read about in an events paper a month ago?  Once, I ran a search on a website for an alternative rock band concert – they didn’t even come up in the search – and the concert was THAT NIGHT.  Or I’ve had to look up several websites – some were geared to concerts only.  I was looking for a “one-stop” solution to what’s going on downtown (and Midtown!).  I’m hoping to make this website that place.


I will troll and gather as much info as I can to give you a day-to-day view of the big happenings in downtown and Midtown Detroit, so everything is in one place.  Events are always happening – so make sure to also check out my page on Facebook!


Thanks for visiting my page – check back often! You can check out the events calendar HERE..